What Could I Missed For Multi-Language?

hi, I followed several multi language articles. I did:

1.using Yii::t(‘category-name’, ‘message string’) together with translated messages under the messages folder, with several language ID

2.using Yii::app()->findLocalizedFile(‘a url’, ‘’, ‘new language id (ex: zh-tw)’) in menu items, with translated files under views/currentDir then languageID folder

3.change current language id in config/main.php, and also try to change language id by calling Yii::app()->setLanguage(‘zh_TW’);

what still could be wrong? For item#1 I should see translated messages, and item#2 for translated file. Any help?

Check it out these links.



I accidentally solved it.

1.for localized message, i change the global default language in config/main.php



2.for the transferred files, I did not do anything, then the files under zh_tw/. works