What are you using for development? (Nginx or Docker or ?)

Hello guys.

Very important question for me. What are you using for Yii2 development?

I mean earlier I used LAMP (XAMPP, etc.) After that I used NGINX. Now I planning to move to Docker containers, such as: (NGINX, phpfrpm, MariaDb).

I wrote docker-compose.yml myself but I see that nginx not has the same permissions with phpfpm and every time I have errors "permission denied". Was opened question in Stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48034084/yii2-hosted-on-docker-has-an-error-failed-to-open-stream-permission-denied

Maybe you using PHD4 - 5, dockerized, or another project?

And how you move your development version to production?


there is project on github yii2+docker with php 5.6 support, might be something you looking for

Using both local setups on macos and Windows (https://github.com/samdark/wnmp-dev), vagrant-based ubuntu VMs, Docker images.