Weird CGridView Sticky Behavior


Not sure if this is a bug or a config issue but all my CGridViews in my Admin Module are giving a weird sticky behavior.

Steps to reproduce:


[*]Go to Admin module

[*]Go to view with a CGridView

[*]Filter by a column (status, name etc)

[*]Sort by that column

[*]Try to change the filter


The filter has stuck to the last value before sorting. Only a page refresh will reset it.


  • This is only happening in my Admin module. I have tested it in my regular controller/views and it works as it should - Admin module and default controllers are sharing the same models.

  • All 3 sites (localhost) are experiencing the same issue.

If you have any clues or want to see some particular piece of code, let me know and I’ll post it.



Sounds like an issue with the urlManager rules.

Are you using "path" format for the urlManager?

Then I suppose that your rules for the urlManager might not be properly set up for those controllers/actions in "module"s.

Ahh, your other posts. re: CGridView, urlManager, module conflict helped me out.



Glad that you could solve the problem.

BTW, the following is my "standard" or "basic" configuration of the urlManager.



	'showScriptName' => false,


		'<_m>/<_c:\w+>/<id:\d+>' => '<_m>/<_c>/view',

		'<_m>/<_c:\w+>/<id:\d+>/<_a:(update|delete)>' => '<_m>/<_c>/<_a>',

		'<_m>/<_c:\w+>/<_a:\w+>' => '<_m>/<_c>/<_a>',

		'<_c:\w+>/<id:\d+>' => '<_c>/view',

		'<_c:\w+>/<id:\d+>/<_a:(update|delete)>' => '<_c>/<_a>',

		'<_c:\w+>/<_a:\w+>' => '<_c>/<_a>',



This is working fine for me with my gii-generated CRUD codes and CGridViews, even if some of them are located in some module.