Weird Captcha Problems

I have a Windows box with an install of XAMPP for developement. Production server is an openSUSE with LAMP.

I just noticed that on the XAMPP server Captcha for the Contact form is there. On the LAMP server it is no. Anybody got an idea as to way?

yes, windows is more flexible than linux on permissions

your problem is because it cant create a captcha image on the temp folder

Where is the temp directory?

I gave a better look at it, it doesn’t save the image anywhere, it just outputs it

The problem is still related with permissions, most probably

Also, be sure that you have gd enabled (probably yes or it should throw an exception)

Other factors to consider might be …

  1. Font

  2. Rotation

In my experience, multi-byte character fonts tend to fail in captcha rendering, especially when you want them to rotate at random.

Personally, I have customized CCaptcha not to rotate the characters in order to use Japanese fonts.

  1. PHP memory limit

So, it’s only a guess, but I think increasing php memory limit may help in some situations.

Stupid question…How? :huh:

I’m a programmer not a network admin…Thanks.

You should google it since is not a Yii problem

Your problem might also be a yii permission problem

you have to allow users to access the captcha action in your accessRules() method

It was a GD problem. default LAMP install didn’t install GD, or I told it not to in the inital install :wacko: … Oh Well, it’s there now :D