Weird Behaviour Of Postonly Filter

Hi guys,

postOnly filter is only working under the original theme of yii.

With other themes under the same circunstances and pages this does not work.

For example the delete button under the admin page with the gridView does not work with a different theme.

So I can assume that the link is not going under post ( ¿¡? ).

Any one has a trouble like this one ?

What theme?

I can only see the delete Ajax call failing if type: ‘POST’ is missing from the Ajax call or the id is missing from the Ajax URL.

In that circumstance, if your delete fails, then postOnly is in fact working.

Is the Ajax call firing or not? What does Firebug show you? Are there javascript errors on the page?

About the theme is one that I adapted from themeforest, But i did not change the gridview or anything.

I did not check the output of firebug, I never user to see the headers of the post, I will try to check it and reply back :D

The post is in fact empty, however its still a post request to the server - I assume that this is what postOnly detects.

If any want to know. This was due to JQuery version that I was loading from google.

If the Jquery that is use is the default of Yii this does not happen.