Weird Behavior Of Tbextendedgridview

Hi all,

I’m using TbExtendedGridView this way:


    'pageSize' => 10,


$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbExtendedGridView', array(

      'type'=>'striped bordered highlight',

      'dataProvider' => $archived,

      'columns' => array(



          'labelExpression' => '$data->code',

          'urlExpression'=>'array("test/archived", "id"=>$data->code)',







        .... // other columns

where $archived is the result of a search in a model.

weird thing is I always get last page filled in with 10 results. Let’s say the result of my search are 27 results: should be 3 pages, with only 7 results in the last page. But 3 are repeated, so the last page has 10 results. Same widget used in the same way on another model doesn’t behave this way, it behaves correctly…

Any idea?

Many thanks