Website with administration panel: start point


I would set up a website with an administration panel where the end user could manage data with CURDs operations.

I’m a beginner with Yii so how can I start it?

How should I organize the MVC to set up static pages with static text?

Anyway I’m going to use Yii because I should add modules later.


many schools of thought on this, some say an admin controller per module, some say a pure admin module, but it will all depend on what you intend to be configured in your application via the ‘admin section’.

The administration panel will allow the user to insert, update, create and delete products.

So I think the static part of the website is going to be managed by the controller and the view, leaving the model for now.

A controller for the future admin panel and another one for the general user.

The latter controller will provide actions that’ll give me static text (for example, a method for biography will return the whole biography text) rendered by the view but without a model.

Could this work?