Website speed issue


My website speed is low, how to use caching techniques to improve website speed ? Does caching really improves the speed. Any other alternatives to increase the performance , please suggest me.




First Look speed is reduced by client-side or the server-side

1 - check out js file ,css file , fonts , …,and reduce the size of each file.

2 - goto for increase of client-side

3 - performance db, query , cache ,…

Use Yii Debug Toolbar (newer extension) or Yii Debug Toolbar (older extension, I use it) to help you have a first idea about where your are spending time without profiling

Then check Profiling using XDebug which allows you to check also where time is spent, on a detailed level.

There are other profiling methods

As indicated by ‘n-r’, the size of the files can also influence your site speed, but generally this is on the first page load only (as your navigator also has cache). The debugger of your navigator helps you identify when each element is loaded (if your initial HTML file is loaded fast, the issue is likely in the resource sizes).

Do not forget to disable debugging & do not force publishing of your resources.