Website/ Search - CSS problem



On the first page of the search results, the pagination styling seems to be broken (no idea if this is related to the second problem).



Also, forum posts that have no icon associated, seem to cause problems.

Checked this with Chrome and IE, same behavior.

This seems like a browser problem…

Just tested on linux firefox 10.0.2 and chrome 17.0 - all is OK

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Confirmed. It’s working now.

I had the same problem on the site myself.

This problem occurs when the water we use clistView class .and not povide data for ‘dataProvider’ property.

This problem often occurs when searching. Because the first string is sent to the search action., But when we click on the next page. These parameters can not be added to the action search.

for example in code:

 public function actionCentralSearch() {


            $model=new searchForm;







                        $vulnerData=  Vulner::model()->centralSearch($model->searchSTR);

                        $newsData= News::model()->centralSearch($model->searchSTR);






                 //   'faqData'=>(isset($faqData))?($faqData):null,






I think its a CSS issues or might be problem of chrome browser might not support