WebServices - returning array

Hi All,

I am new to YII framework, have to develop some webservice calls for my latest work.

I have to query a database and return few rows of data by webservice call. I am able to return array as object but I wish to send all the contents of array as <name>value</name>.

Any suggestions or clues of how to develop it is much appreciated.

Here is my soap-server:


 * @return array of stock and prices

 * @soap


public function getPrices( )


    &#036;prices=array('IBM'=&gt;100, 'GOOGLE'=&gt;350);

    return (&#036;prices);


Here is my soap-client, where i consume the webservice:

$client=new SoapClient(‘’);

    &#036;rows = &#036;client-&gt;getPrices();

    foreach(&#036;rows as &#036;key_name=&gt;&#036;key_value) {

            echo &quot; &#036;key_name is &#036;key_value &quot;.&quot;&lt;/br&gt;&quot;;




Hi All,

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