Webserver Config Frontend & Backend

I’m developing a Yii based application (3 in yii’s terminology) to provide the following functionality - it’s a simpler and highly customized version of a general server administratoin tool like Plesk.

  • Console application for easy account management for server administrators & cron jobs

  • CRUD for Webmaster accounts and their webspace

  • Various export controllers to verify current config state against legacy configuration files.

  • Frontend for webmasters:

  • CRUD for Mysql databases

  • CRUD for Java Servlet & Tomcat configuration

  • CRUD for FTP-Users, HTACCESS Rules

  • Lightweight message board to improve 2nd level support.

  • API providing simple status reports for apps. & other frontends (Authorized with key per user/app)

  • Backend for server administrators

  • Housekeeping: Reminder & confirmation management to webmasters (via Notification Notice board)

  • Reporting on System Health: Status of webserver, Tomcat, mysql cluster etc.

  • Reporting on config status of webspaced with a comprehensive search mask.

I’m not able to provide a public url, since its only accessible through our corporate intranet, but I wanted to share this with you to tell you about the possibilities of Yii in our use case. Feel free to ask in case you’re facing a similar use case. I’m not supposed to provide any details about my employer but on technical level I’m happy to help you.

I might publish it open source eventually but this won’t happen during development.

The following challenges are the ones I have to dig into Yii for:

  • Writing clean controllers for specific file based data structures (htaccess-Files, vhost-Configurations etc.)

  • Authorization using specific ldap & oracle databases

  • Migration of various perl scripts into clean and reusable php-Code.

  • Customizing a responsive layout meeting our coroporate identity

  • Managing various database connections.

Greetings, Saspeed