Webfeeds, navigation and sitemap.xml?

I recently followed the ‘How to generate Web feed for an application’ cookbook example using Zend components to generate rss feed. Which was very helpful and easy to do.

What I was wondering, is there a way to manage navigation in Yii so all links can be added to a sitemap.xml file?

I’m just starting to learn xml and any help would be appreciated.


Ok – so what I thought I might try doing is using the Zend Navigation class to create a menu and sitemap. As described in the tutorial here

I was able to initiate the class and output the XML data into an array. However, im not sure how to use the Zend_Navigation menu function. In the tutorial they use $this->navigation()->menu(); to output a menu list, although i’m not sure how to do it in Yii.

Also, does anyone know the pros / cons of using xml? Is it better for seo, more server intensive, etc… ???? I’m just wondering when it would be beneficial to use XML in your applicaton.

Any thoughts?

After doing some research I can now see the benefits of using XML extensively within an application. Making your data readily available to external sources is a good idea.

I’m going to experiment a bit with simpleXML and build my own xml interpreter to manage my navigation, breadcrumbs and sitemap. If anyone has already built a class to work with Yii and would like to share please get in touch!