Webconf Riga 2012

November 10 and November 11 2012 there’s going to be a good conference in Riga, Latvia.

Location is Tallink Hotel.

  • Primary conference language is English.

  • Program is still being formed but serverside section already looks very promising. Clienside section and business section are good as well.

I’m going to speak there. Preliminary talk name is “Yii, frameworks and where PHP is heading to”. Will try to provide some analytics and thoughts about PHP and frameworks in general but think that there will be lots about Yii as well.

I, as the organizer of the event, approve this message! :)

Also want to add our social links:



Event’s website

Uhm… I think your ssl cert might be broken …

Nice! It would be really cool if (at least some of) the presentations would be recorded for all the poor lads that aren’t able to come to Riga (like me) :)

Sorry, copy-paste of BBCode’s :) Fixed it, we have no SSL for our website.

Just registered. Who will be in for a beer (with the option of several more) on Nov. 9th? B)

I will probably gather all lectors together for a beer on friday, stay in touch with me and you can tag along - we have a special place for beer and snacks that is hard to forget ;)

Is that somehow related to this place?

Noup, although it’s a good place, it’s not that special :slight_smile:

Haha, okay. I recieved warm recommendations regarding Lido from various directions. I’ll drop a line if my booking stands :)

I’m arriving 9th but quite late. If I’ll be OK after the flight I’ll join you.

As much as it hurts, I’m afraid I won’t make it due to other obligations that weekend. Looks like I’m now with Haensel and others, hoping to see some interesting recordings or at least the slides online :(

Quoting @webconfriga from nov. 22nd:

Any news on that? There’s nothing on slideshare either.

My slides: http://rmcreative.ru/blog/post/yii--frameworks-and-where-php-is-heading-to

Julien Pauli about PHP: http://www.slideshare.net/jpauli/on-road-to-php55

I have a pack of photos, videos are still under processing but they are recorded so we’ll get it.

Hehe. Little new information, yet very entertaining. Can’t wait to see the video to that :lol:

The last relevant info were this from dec. 17th:

So I take it that’s it?

Can’t wait next time, when I will visit Riga for conference. What a beautiful city.