webapplicationend behaviour

Im trying to understand more avout how webapplicationend works

specifically with this code

" // of Yii::app()->endName.

$this->foo = (Yii::app()->endName == 'front') 'bar1' : 'bar2';

// Raise onModuleCreate event.

Yii::app()->onModuleCreate(new CEvent($this)); "

can someone please provide more detail on these functioms

$this->foo = (Yii::app()->endName == 'front') 'bar1' : 'bar2';

should be

$this->foo = (Yii::app()->endName == 'front') ? 'bar1' : 'bar2';

It’s a ternary operator. You can configure your module’s properties depending on the value of Yii::app()->endName property, which is set in the behavior.

Yii::app()->onModuleCreate(new CEvent($this));

Did you already read about events in Yii?

This syntax raises an event “onModuleCreate” (owner is current module, $this), executing all attached handlers. There is the only attached handler “changeModulePaths”. It’s logic is simple: take variable $this and change it’s controllerPath and viewPath properties.