Web tool and RESTful

I am feeling greedy today~

Maybe some of you guys already knew this one, I just found another new born php5 framework called Recesshttp://www.recessframework.org/. I am still new to it, however some of its highlight features are quite attractive to me, like:

    * Tools Included for Every Developer

    * Declarative PHP with Annotations

    * Create RESTful APIs with Ease

    * Caching-Oriented Architecture

It offers a web gui tool to generate controllers and models, as well as CRUD, Route, Class reference views, etc. I am not saying Recess is better, in fact, it’s quite behind Yii in terms of feature rich (if you read its doc and source, you will see). But if we can bring some of it’s ideas like Web based tool and RESTful API into Yii, we can make it even more fun to work with Yii  ;D

You may check this discussion, especially reply #6.

I am late  ;)


You may check this discussion, especially reply #6.