Web Service & Special Characters


I have the next problem, I’am using a web service which returns an object, in this object I have many string properties and in some of them i have the letter ‘Ñ’, and when i use this property the value is always null.

Here is my code:

	public function ObtenerEmpleadoporNumero($numero)


		$empleadosRequest = new EmpleadosRequest();

		$empleadosRequest->numeroEmpleado = $numero;



			$client = new SoapClient(Yii::app()->params['webServiceEmpleados'], array(

				   'exceptions' => 0,


				   'trace' => 1,


			   $result = $client->__soapCall('ObtenerEmpleados', array('EmpleadosRequest'=>$empleadosRequest));




		catch (SoapFault $e) 


			$result = null;


		return $result;


As you can see, I put in the constructor the option ‘enconding’, and when i tried to print it i’m using utf8_enconde, but the value is always null.

Somebody knows how i can get this value?

¡Thanks a lot!