Web Service Problem


I m new in yii, and have a problem, i follow the example that yii give about the webservice:


I created the controller stock and add the lines that example give me, but the example doesn’t work, i arrived until the step three, but i create my client, and cosuming the webservice, the application give me a “Error 404”, my client looks like this:


 $client = new SoapClient('localhost/~user/yii/proyecto/index.php?r=stock/quote');

  // I cant put the http..., because the forum forbidden put url, but in my example is a complete url

 echo $client->getPrice('GOOGLE');


I change the url, look like this:

localhost/~user/yii/proyecto/index.php/stock/quote     and the application show me the main page, and not the value that should return

Im using the yii version 1.1.13

In my phpinfo, show that the soap extension is enable.

I dont know if i missing something or i have a mistake

Thank you!