Web Service Problem.


Sorry for my bad english.

I started with yii, this amazing framework, i have a problem, i follow the steps of the example of the next url:


when i arrive to the step 3 (Consuming the web service), check the url that the example give me, in my case:


I suppose that url, give me a xml, but receive a message "Error 404".

I created my stock controller, saved in the controllers folder with the name StockController.php

I see other topics to discuss this problem, but no show the solution, for that reason, put this topic.

I created a file with a phpinfo() function, and look soap, and the page have the soap client enabled, i think that my soap extension is ok.

I dont know if i missing something or have a mistake.

Thanks for your atention.


Possible error no. 1: I see a htttp (3t’s) instead of http in your question.

Try troubleshooting this way

Is this a fresh YII installation ?

are you able to acess any other controller ?

Are you able to access the default site controller using url like:


if no,

have you changed anything in the protected/config/main file - particularly have you changed your url structure to anything else but the default.

if yes, you can asses the controller using


all the best

First thanks to reply sanguina, im new in this,

My apologies, the 3ts is a typing mistake,

Well im using the yii version 1.1.13

I can access to: localhost/~webuser/yii/project/index.php?r=site , the page show me, "Welcome to My Web Applicaction…" that work fine.

i write the url that you gave me,

localhost/~webuser/yii/project/index.php/stock/quote, and the page show me the same if i write the index.php?r=site

I dont know if i forgot do something.

Thanks again!