Web Service In Yii

Dear All,

I need to synchronize between two databases. They are in different server but in a LAN (I consider this as in one LAN since I am using hamachi).

Currently, I am planning to use MultiActiveRecord extension + open mysql access to other ip not just localhost.

The thing is I do not like the idea of opening mysql access to other ip but localhost. I see the possibility of using Web Service (http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/1.1/en/topics.webservice).

But, I do not posses enough knowledge to start this. Can anyone give guidance on how to proceed with web service in yii? especially that I want the web service to only reply to authenticated users, not to other users(guest).

Thank you in advance.


I think that you should keep it simple and just create a user in mysql with very limited permissions (read-only). You mentioned hamachi, so you use VPN anyway. You could make mysql listen only on the hamachi interface/ip, so it would only allow connections from localhost and/or VPN.