Web Development Workflow In Yii

I am newbie in yii framework. I wanna know to the actual development workflow in yii. Where should i start, how should i move forward…etc.

I wanna know the recipe of building a wonderful website with yii framework.

please do help me on this…

Check this part of the Guide.

Thanks JFReyes…

i gone through that manual. I need even more detailed recipe to build my website.

If what you want is a template for a Yii website check the available boilerplates in the Wiki here.

we are working on a website development. we divided into 3 modules. we 3 of us should build those modules and integrate them into form a complete website.

For this project, i have set up a common Database Connection for 3 of us.

now, i don’t know how to finish those modules in yii and how to integrate them?.