Web Developer Needed (Big Idea)

like the title say’s that im(jims) looking for a gifted coders or a coder with a bunch of experince to help me build my idea from ground up. i have the basic tools that’s needed, i also have the skills to run this idea. but i need to build the fire before i can cook right just a joke.but my idea is the next big thing and social media networks,the next facebook,the next twitter the next big thing to come yes you dont belive me but you think im joking hmm, yes but the difference between me and facebook i came up with this idea on my own. and im guessing you thinking he wanna build a social network and my answers is yes and no my idea is very simply i want to connect people ideas together.

my dream goals is to connect people ideas and to share thems with the world or the buyers. yes i just said buyer because this idea is almost like a (buysellads.com/)

where people connect through ads. funny right enough talks let me fully explain my idea.

what i have done already

bought domain

and will buy hosting ( a cloud hosting so we can handle the traffic.)

when you start as my coder i wont be able to financial pay you right away because im very low and income at the moment but this will all be changing soon

as the coder of this company you will have 20% of all shares and stock when it go viral.

what will happen when you finish coding.

i will take it from there and handle all the dirty work of ranking the website and making it go viral for 100s and 10000s.

how will i do this

i have 2years of seo experince and i also work as a freelancer back and the days ranking website and ranking lawyers website and firm website for extremly hard keywords.

why i think you should code for us

i belive you should consider coding for us because you never know what lie ahead you never know you could of be the one that made this dream come true because with out a coder this wont work as it should and if it happen to be the next thing you be the one that help it get there.

contact information