Web.config settings in windows IIS 8

Hi Team,

I am deploying first time yii2 basic project on windows server IIS 8 but getting problem with web.config file.

In linux server we can use .htaccess files for seo friendly url and web config file.

I access the site without web and index.php in my url from linux servers by using htaccess settings but the same cannot be done from windows server.

Please provide me code for the same which has to be used in web.config in root folder and web folder of the project.

I am using on root folder

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



    &lt;directoryBrowse enabled=&quot;true&quot; /&gt;



            &lt;clear /&gt;

            &lt;add value=&quot;web/index.php&quot; /&gt;

            &lt;add value=&quot;Default.asp&quot; /&gt;

            &lt;add value=&quot;index.htm&quot; /&gt;

            &lt;add value=&quot;Default.aspx&quot; /&gt;

            &lt;add value=&quot;requirements.php&quot; /&gt;





and can access the main url easily but not able to access by other pages