Web-based Application Management as a replacement/addition for yiic


At first, thanks to every core developer for the Yii-Framework so far. I really think, it is the best framework available today. It makes much fun to play around with it.

In the Roadmap for yii 1.1, i can find this point:

Is this web-based Application still planned to be included in the initial 1.1 stable release? Is something already developed in the trunk/ svn development tree, so i could take a look or test anything? Or are any Mock-Ups available here in this Forum? I think, this will be the killer-feature, that makes yii even better and more widely used.

Will it look like the django-interface, and does it include User&Access-Rule Management?

Unfortunately, due to time limit, we wouldn’t be able to provide this tool in 1.1. We are still looking forward to implementing it in the next release.


do you mean 1.1.x releases or 1.2.x ?

Just bumping this thread since I came across the ‘Recess’ framework today.

It has a very nice web-based UI for creating your application, models and controllers. It’s a bit lacking in features right now but I thought it might be interesting to take a look at and maybe borrow some ideas.

Thanks Qiang for this great framework :)

I also would like to vote for this, because my hosting provider doesn’t want to install PDO extensions for PHP CLI, so I can’t even create controllers and models using yiic, which was a time-saver on my local machine :frowning:

Why are you developing at live server?

Yii 1.1 was released recently. This is the last stable version.

Yii 1.2 is being developed and should not be used in a production environment

If this question was addressed to me - I’m not developing at the live server, it’s a testing server which is hosted also by the same hosting company. So we do need a web-based application to do this job.