Web Application Development With Yii And Php Second Edition

I am studying this book and checking the code to get some knowledge about Yii framework. While studying the chapter 3 - The TrackSTar Application on page no. 53, when i tried to run the following coomand

phpunit unit/DbTest.php (while I am in D:/Programs/xampp/htdocs/trackstar/protected/tests)

The following error appeared …

‘phpunit’ is not recognized as an internal or external commmand, operable program or batch file

I am running Windows-7 32-bit Ultimate, XAMPP version 1.8.1 with PHP 5.4.7, Yii Framework is 1.1.13.e9e4a0

XAMPP is installed at D:/Programs/xampp

Web Root Directory is D:/Programs/xampp/htdocs

Yii Framework is D:/Programs/xampp/htdocs/yii-1.1.13

TrackStar application is at D:/Programs/xampp/htdocs/trackstar

Many times i tried to re-install XAMPP and PHPUnit but same problem …

I will be very tahankful if some one will give me a step-by-step solution to get out of this problem. Thanks