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My name is Fazal Burhan and I am the Co-Founder/CTO of a web development startup De Internet Lab based in Islamabad, Pakistan. My company is providing services of web development to clients catering to different industry verticals. This not only includes eCommerce and corporate websites but different data oriented large size web applications and portals. One interesting aspect of De Internet Lab is that it has developed its own web based products. We proudly claim that when it comes to developing a product or working on a project, user interface and an aesthetic design is always of prime importance to us.

De Internet Lab is always open to any project related to web development including websites and full-fledged web applications. If you have any idea or project in mind and would like to avail De Internet Lab services, just give me a shout!

(maryna_b) #2

I think it’s really cool that nowadays there are so many companies that provide web development services around the world. And the most important thing is that you can do your research, look through different companies portfolio and choose the one that fits all of your criteria. Even better when someone you know can recommend the company they’ve already worked with. For example, my friend told me that he enjoyed working with Cleveroad: https://www.cleveroad.com/services/web-development