Web 2.0 Single Page Senior Yii Developer - Full Time Work

I am looking for a senior developer that is really well versed in the Yii framework deep down internals. Not so much the serverside views/widgets since this will be done clientside.

Please see this last posting for the initiation proof of concept that I did in the beginning of this project

High performance cachable websites web 2.0 in YiiFramework, mustache.js and icanhaz.js


For the right candidate this is fulltime or parttime work, it depends on what fits you


backbone.js - single page javascript routing engine

handlebars.js - client side templates

UI - TwitterBootstrap - Responsive Design

Yii - REST service layer, security and integration to

BigBlueButton, Moodle, ProcessMaker

Target devices: PC, tablet and phone

Standard senior developer skill requirements follow:

This is a position for a senior web developer only.

Please note:

I am NOT:

  • interested in communicating with a projectmanager or a sales person.

  • interested in a senior developer fronting other junior developers that is actually doing the work.

  • interested in communicating via a shared "company" team account, only personal skype ids please.

  • looking for someone that is timeslicing on all kinds of other projects.

I am:

  • only interested in communicating directly with the end developer.

  • only interested in talking to the actual end developer that is supposed to be typing the keyboard on my projects.

  • looking for a "remote freelancer, hired long term" that will be a remote part of my team.


(please put "You MUST" in front of all the below lines until you get to the "Nice to have skills section")

  • have a fast internet connection that allows for full screen sharing/collaboration

  • have a headset for audio chatting on skype or other means

  • must speak english well enough to be comfortable communicating on Skype via voice chat

General development:

  • create no methods longer than 40-50 lines at most

  • wrap code in a function with a good name to document your code rather no function and a comment

  • adhere to no copy pasting

  • write pragmatic code

  • know how to write testable code / dependency injection

Web foundation knowledge:

  • understand HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocol

  • understand SOAP / REST

  • know about HTTP action methods

  • consuming SOAP webservices

  • creating SOAP webservices

Website (web2.0) implementations

  • understand AJAX, javascript, JSON, JSONP, getscript

  • be comfortable using HTML / HTML 5

  • be comfortable using jquery, jquery closures

  • be comfortable using CSS (CSS 3)

  • be comfortable using PHP


  • use a full IDE that allows you to inspect variables, globals, set breakpoints

  • develop and test the code on Linux (your server)

  • have strong working knowledge of Subversion (branching, tagging, merging, reintegrating branches, cherry picking merges)

  • must know how to work in a team with many people working on the same code at the same time in Subversion

Nice to have skills

Additional experience that is nice if you have:

  • oAuth

  • SAML

  • LinkedIn and Facebook integtration knowledge

  • OpenID

  • C# / .NET 4.0 or Java

  • Git

Do you feel that you can meet the majority of these requirements?


Good Day :)

I will Interested in your job feel free mail me optisolram (at) gmial.com

I have excellent portfolio and references in USA. We can give client references on request.

we have more than 70+ developers.

I look forward to hear from you.


Ram kumar


What I couldn’t make up out of the description you posted was whether there is some kind of separation between front-end and back-end activities; e.g. the JS-stuff and the server-side PHP-stuff. Although I do feel comfortable with writing JS-code as well as PHP-code, I (and I might not be the only one) tend to do best in a team with front-end developer(s) that handle the front-end stuff.

You might have a look at a project I recently worked on: www.malvee.com/jobber. I think it has a huge overlap with the project you described (please have a look at the demo to see an example of a one page web-app) and I’m available for a new job as well. If you think there’s some kind of a match, please let me know.

Hi Kenneth,

I went through your requirements. A senior developer in my company is well versed in Yii. He has close to 5 years of experience in Php and has been working on Yii for the last 3 years.We have got very good feedback from overseas clients for the work he has done, praising his clean coding skills. Has worked with TwitterBootstrap and has very good knowledge in Javascript and Jquery. He normally interacts with Clients directly and has pretty good communication skills in English.

If given the opportunity , he shall be in direct contact with you and handling the tasks. Going through your requirements, I really think he would be an appropriate match for the work you have.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.