We Need Good Testing Documentation

My company want to start using Yii2. We want to make our applications while leveraging TDD. The problem is that we have never used Codeception. Even further, when we inspect tests that are comming with basic and advanced templates, we can see that tests are done quite different than example ones in Codeception documentation. For example if you open LoginFormTest, you can see some methods like specify, expect, false, true, hasKey and others, and we jsut do not know where the hell is all of that comming from or how to use it. To make long story short, can someone consider making in dept documentation or tutorial of how to do TDD or BDD with yii2. Without beang able to write tests, we simply can not use yii2 for development. We can do it the old bad way, but TDD is somehow a standard these days, and writing apps without utilizing TDD is bad. We know that you have a lot of work and that everyone are complaining that yii2 documentation is crap, but do you think that you can make priority to TDD/BDD documentation, so people can actually use this framework for something?


I agree that the documentation is currently lacking when it comes to writting tests but I certainly do not agree with that statement.