WdCalendar installation

I’m new here and new with yii framework.

I need a good calendar, each user must has his own calendar and create event on them.

i saw the demo of WdCalendar and i liked it

but the links of the installating steps were broken


anyone knows other page or the steps i must follow?

Download wdcalendar extension and unzip in the modules/wdcalendar folder.

Open the config/main.php and add the following lines


    'modules' => array(


        '[b]wdcalendar[/b]'    => array( 'admin' => 'install' ),




Visit http://yoursite.com/wdcalendar (or http://yoursite.com/index.php?r=wdcalendar) and follow the installation steps.

after the installation, remove “‘admin’ => ‘install’”

links are broken