Wath about YII3

Please. I’m a little confused about Yii3. It’s official ? , do not advertise it on the official website. Who are developing it? is there stable ?

  1. It is official.
  2. It is in development. Early development so too early to announce. Development is public though so curious developers could check what’s in there and help.
  3. Main developers right now are @hiqsol, @machour, FabrizioCaldarelli. Other community members and Yii 2 core team are participaing in it as well.
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Thanks, SandMark. A more Question, Qiang Xue continues directing the development?

No. He left in June 2015.

How come? I always wondered why he left? :slight_smile:

He joined Capital One in a leading role and that took most of his time.

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