Wanted Yii Developer

Yii developer wanted to modify and build on a prebuilt script. Ongoing work for an Aussie site.

Hi there,

I am available for the work. We can discuss more over skype.

skype id : exceledunet

email : vaibhav.bhasin@yahoo.co.in

Expert yii developer here.

Ready to discuss more details.

Skype ID: kaushik.itdu

Email: kaushik.iitdu@gmail.com

Are you looking for part time help only (if so, how much), or someone full-time? Will the "ongoing" work be small maintenance work or major improvements to the software? Any clarity would be appreciated.

Robert Haines

Skype: Robert.ClarisoftTechnologies

Email: Robert.Haines@Clarisoft.com

Hi Robert, it’s part time work as needed. We are developing a complex site based on a prebought script using Yii framework. We currently have a developer who seems to be struggling and continually misses deadlines.

The work would be a mix of small changes, new modules and eventually complete rework of the whole system.