Wanted Part-Time Yii Developer (Remote Development Support)


I am a young business professional and I am finding myslef short on time, I would like to focus my efforts on growing my business and would like to spend a little less time in the development shop. I am interested in testing out the

outsourcing model and am prepared to pay an experienced Yii coder to help with the development of a software project.

This systems includes: Customer, Order, Invoice, Employee Time Tracking, Project etc.

This work is Project based - As needed bassis (estimated 5-10 hours per week , possibly some heavy weeks up front, This is a trail engagement and may lead to more consistent work if things work out well.

Using: svn, Yii + giix, twitter bootstrap, jquery, mysql

Notes: Yii User Authentication module is already configured

You will work to execute on the requirements and remain in close communication with project sponsors as well as working closely with myself to develop the system based on predefined user requirements.

The environment and database have been created and setup as well as model,controller and CRUD for Customer exist,

we would like to speed up the process by including additional resources to add to the project.

Contact me to setup a brieft phone conversation.

or use the contact form on my website




timezone GMT-5

Thank you for the messages folks.

To limit the response rate, I ask you not to contact me beyond September 30th if we have not already spoken by that time.

I will be speaking with a select few of you and hoping to get some work flowing as early as next week.