Wanted Highly Skills database + yii developer

  1. Looking for yii coder that can create normalized data tables from large datasets of common documents - sales orders,purchase orders, invoices, etc. we can provide 10K+ example documents (stripped of any privacy data).

  2. Must have proven knowledge of database (sql server preferred, postgres ok, mysql meh we can work with that). SSMS/ssis a ++.

  3. Must have proven document management (SO,PO,INV) skills to model database for best yii performance - if you provide a reference that includes a blog or cms - /fail/

  4. Ability to rapidly build CRUD - ability to authenticate/sessions - ability to make a rest-like (json for ajax) i/o with authentication (cookies) - for machine to machine - or ajax browser to machine communications a huge plus. it doesn’t have to follow rest as far as i’m concerned it could use post method for crudf.

  5. understands accounting

  6. Available immediately - consult job - checkpoints for payment (ie make database structure, build crud) - we need first mentioned checkpoints in 7 days - after that ongoing tasks (especially if you want to :)

Please submit code website example - accounting/relevant to documents (so/po/inv) to hr.manager@scw.com with YII in the subject line. We are an equal opportunity employer and this is a consulting gig. If you are in Atlanta we can consider permanent.

Submit resume’ so we know about your other skills.


We provide our structures (not good fit for yii) - plus 10K example records (scrambled personal data) - you re-arrange and build new normalized tables - we can provide a XAMPP RDP desktop with sql server (yes!) and data in .txt format - if you must use mysql - we can work with that but it shows your lack of scope - postgres is a great poor-man’s sql server. Windows 2003+Xampp+Sql server 2005 (or 2008R2) VM would be at your disposal.

Must sign NDA.