Wanted: Experienced Framework/PHP/MySQL Developer

We have an existing PHP website built on a custom framework

We’re looking for an advanced and experienced developer to recode and extend the site using a standard framework (possibly Yii)

You must be familiar with HTML/jQuery/PHP/MySQL/Email Delivery and unit testing

You must be able to recommend a PHP framework and understand how to deploy site updates (on that framework) to a production site with minimal downtime

You must be able to document the design before it is implemented in discussions with our team and them implement and unit test the design as documented

You must know how to deliver and track email from a website, how to integrate with web services and social APIs such as facebook

The site must perform data validation, be secure from cross site scripting and SQL injection attacks, log user activity, support robust and secure user management and support publishing workflows

Please send live samples of the work you have done (along with specifically what you did and didn’t do) and any sample design documentation you have

Thank you and looking forwards to working with you