Walle - A PHP Deploy Tool Written By Yii2

Walle is a deployment tool written in PHP with yii2 out of the box.

walle web ui is more humanized, admin config the project, then deveoper can deploy to test envirament、simulate envirament、online envirament. the process is easy and convenient.

the feature list:

  • User signup by admin/develop identity

  • Developer submit a task, deploy task

  • Admin audit task

  • Multiple project

  • Quick rollback

  • Group relation of project

  • Task of pre-deploy(e.g: test ENV var)

  • Task of post-deploy(e.g: vendor)

  • Task of post-release(e.g: restart service)

  • Checkout file md5

why i can’t post github project: https://github.com/meolu/walle-web