Vote Yii at

I want Yii to be the most popular framework, so if you are with me please vote here at

Peer2Peer University.

I think this is another good place (aside from this forum of course) in sharing all our knowledge and experiences and everything that has something to do with Yii. Or at least they lets give them an idea how good this framework is.

I also wanted to help expand the community of Yii.

Currently it is at the 118th rank, so please vote and comment.

You can login using your openid,google , MS (windows) live, facebook, AOL,hyves,myspace,twitter, verisign,wordpress, and yahoo account there. :)

Whoa! In less than 5 minutes it ranked 81st!

Yii is now ahead of Django in!

After 3 hours we ranked from 118th to 18th rank.

Impressive is an understatement ;)

It’s easy as anybody can register and give 3 votes to Yii for less than a minute ;)

Exactly,and no password needed! Just a valid email address is needed. :)

do you know when this voting ends?

we could put it in the next podcast, but it’s not coming out till the 15th (March)


Hi imehesz,

I don’t think that voting will end, since we are just suggesting a course. The next big step for this, if we find this survey to be popular, is to create a course outline for Yii. But of course that is optional, I understand our Yii developers are busy. But it would be so great if someone knowledgeable would create a course, for beginners and experts alike. :)

9 votes from me ^_^