Volunteer Needed For Environmental Database

Help is needed with managing and improving the NYWaterSentinels.org web app. The NY Water Sentinels are monitoring water quality focused on the impact of gas drilling (hydraulic fracturing, or fracking). The goal is to gather baseline data in the absence of problems so that we can recognize problems caused by fracking when they occur. Water Sentinel volunteers test stream quality data in NY state, then enter the data they gather into this database. The database is functional, but still being developed to make it easier to use, increase the data categories, and to present the data in summarized form. The site developer is still involved, but their availability has become more limited.

If you can help, please email cassabel@gmail.com with "Yii volunteer" in the subject line. It would be great if you would include links to examples of your work and be willing to share references.

Thank you!