visual studio snippet for Yii

[size="3"]Does visual studio have snippet for Yii framework,please tell me download link of this snippet?

What is the best IDE for Yii framework?

thanks,Mohammad soltani[/size]

try NetBeans, PhpStorm


I downloaded yiiStorm Plugin and went to phpStorm Software and add this plugin to list of plugins,but after restarting phpStorm this plugin not active?

Please help me?

God luck,Mohammad Soltani


You don’t need plugin YiiStorm.

After add Project to phpStorm. Please perform the following steps:


[*]File → Settings →Editor → File Types: Add "yiilite.php" to "Ignore files and folders"

[*]File → Settings → Project: {ProjectName} → Directories: Mark framework/cli/views, protected/runtime as excluded.


  • Create file MyWebApplication.php in ROOT/protected/


Class Yii extends YiiBase {


     * @return MyWebApplication


    public static function app() {

        return YiiBase::app();




 * Class MyWebApplication


 * @property CController $controller

 * @property CDateFormatter $dateFormatter

 * @property CWebUser $user

 * ..........


class MyWebApplication extends CWebApplication {


  • Modify file ROOT/index.php in Root








Yii::createApplication('MyWebApplication', $config)->run();


Sr. My English very bad