Visibility In Yii Classes


since this is the second time I run into visibility problems, I would like to understand why so many things in Yii are private, not protected.

I’m tempted to file a ticket, but then it might just be turned down because it entails so many changes, so I want to understand first.

I had a similar problem with CLocale and CNumberFormatter having $_locale set private, meaning I had to duplicate $_locale and the functions around it in order to extend the locale functionality.

I cannot understand why these functions are not protected, and I remember once seeing a ticket about somebody having similar problems with locale (it was marked wontfix if I remember correctly).

Thank you.

To not make a double post, please check this answer I gave to a similar problem -

Oh, thank you, sorry for missing that! And I would wholeheartedly support changing every variable that will definitely stay the way it is to protected, I don’t understand or actually see arguments against that.