Virtual Server for LAMP Yii


Does anyone have a virtual server with all of the needed tools to run and test Yii based web apps?  I ask because another php framework vendor had this sort of thing available and I thought it would be a great tool to make available here to help folks test and play with things very quickly.



I found a Centos 5.2 vmware image… actually a couple.  What do you think about using Centos 5.2 for testing Yii?  I have very little linux background.  Come from windows world, but want to avoid WAMP.

I have to see what versions of php and mysql are bundled, but I can upgrade those if needed.

Yes, I did build a VMWare virtual server for Prado. I can do it replace with the latest of yii. It comes with postgresql and xcache as well. Should be under about < 20mb of download.

Stay tuned.

Cheers, Wei.

a virtual server containing php, postgresql and yii can be found at http://yii.googlecod…

Dear Wei,

I’m totally impressed with your VMWare image! I’ve been searching for a compact LAMP image and yours one has beaten all the competition to death. 16 MB!!! Nobody could do that.

The only problem is… it’s not LAMP. I mean, it doesn’t have MySQL.

Please, is there any possibility for me to replace PostgreSQL with MySQL in the image? If you’d give me any hint, that’d be great. I’m not a Linux hacker, I can compile stuff from source, but when it comes to kernel and booting and stages, I’m stuck.