viewPath placement

I found the view path, but I’m not too sure where to put the viewPath or how to format it. I want it to affect the entire controller, not just a single method, so I don’t want to have to set it in every method over and over again.

I want to use the default plus some:

$this->viewPath = $this->getViewPath().’/extra/’;

But I’m guessing I need to put it as something like this:

$controllername = $this->getId();

$this->viewPath = "application.view.{$controllername}.extra";

Where to I put that? Inside __construct?

I’d be worried about overwriting the default constructor, and if I called: parent::__constructor(); it would over write the viewPath.

I’m sure there’s a really simple answer, I’m just new to this. Help :)



I found the init() method, and tried it, but when I went to change the viewPath I get the error:

Property "ApplicationController.viewPath" is read only.

I’m lost now.

you can set the view path for the current controller in the init method

public function init() {//your code here}

Well, this seems to work:

	public function getViewPath() {

		$controllername = $this->getId();

		$newPath = "application.views.{$controllername}.extra";

		$newPath = YiiBase::getPathOfAlias($newPath);

		return $newPath;


Seems to be quite a lot just to put some stuff in a subdir.

Am I doing it wrong?

Cant you just put the subdir in the statement for rendering the view? like



I could but I have a load of controllers that are kind of grouped together and I didn’t want to do that in every single method for like 6 controllers. If I change something, it’s easier to just switch that in one place.