View Short Links Are Not Working ?

Hello, I am facing a problem in the view short links like Create, Update, List, Delete, Manage.

When I import a new theme and set the theme name in config file. then although the theme is working well, but the short links as mentioned above are not displaying ?

Is there any one who can help in this situation ?

I have attached the screen shots of both the themes.

Thanks in advance.


Did you add zii.widgets.CMenu code in your theme ?

where to add that code ?

If the menu is the main menu then


go to the default view layout


There is a section like that

<div id="mainmenu">


                $this->widget('zii.widgets.CMenu', array(

                    'items' => array(





</div><!-- mainmenu -->

You have to add into your theme


if the menu is a conent menu (defined into the view)

for example go to protected/views/post/_form.php (or something like that), you should find something like that

$this->menu = array(



you should render this menu

go to


copy the code and paste it in


Okay thanks dear. I have solved it.