View Not Found yii\base\ViewNotFountException

I was creating a pop up form using bootstrap modals and then suddenly the view of the create.php suddenly become like this after I create something from the form.:

I don’t have any idea where did I get wrong.

I tried generating crud again but it still like this.

Just go back where everything was fine, and restart developing step by step.

We can’t have any idea where you got lost from what you told us.

I actually done it now, I went back from the start generated CRUD again. But right now why I cannot create something from the form, the page just redirects from the form.

Not enough code example to tell anything. Go to the jqueryui site and look over the modal examples there, there’s example code there also.

After doing a lot of debugging I realised I added another field on the table, I deleted the added field and it works fine now, I don’t know why tho…