View not Found web/app/index.html

It installs a project that is already exposed to the public. I have a few problems, many url works, but on which ones I have an error

View not Found – yii\base\ViewNotFoundException

The view file does not exist: /home/project_dir/web/app/index.html

I fire applications from apache2 locally

You need to tell us more.

Is app your AppController and no action was specified in the url?

Read about two methods to render static pages:

An example: let’s use ViewAction with about.php renamed to about.html and using pretty url format.

 class SiteController extends Controller
     public function actions()
         return [
             'page' => [
                 'class' => 'yii\web\ViewAction',

Add the view (about.html) to

Add a rule to urlManager component section in the config (web.php)
'static/<view:[\w\.]+>' => 'site/page',

Display the static page using this url

With the web folder as DocumentRoot