View Data From My Old Database

hi there !

[b]there is so many topics about serialized data in yii framework but …


I Have Decided to migration my old project to yii but I have simple problem with some database columns

some of that had stored with serialized data and want to view,update,insert this data but I cant do in with unserialize functions !

how can I do in with Yii , ?

how can I change default model insert that generated by Gii , … ?

so many thanks in advance for anyone else who can help me.


my old database had a column that saved attache files in an array and serilez data and insert that to mysql and I want now to usnerlize that array in yii framework

You can do this:

create model’s public property, for example

public $unserialized = array();

then use afterFind to fill it:

public function afterFind()


    $this->unserialized = some_function($this->serialized); // unserialize

    return parent::afterFind();


and beforeSave to store it:

public function beforeSave()


    $this->serialized = some_function2($this->unserialized) = ....; // serialize

    return parent::beforeSave();


So you will be able to use this property in your code, for example:

$record = MyModel::model()->findByPk(1);


thanks you so much,

I’m going to do this . this is a logical solution .