Video tutorials

Hi everybody.

I am learning Yii framework and it’s a bit confusing, so my question is:

Are you planning to create some video tutorials?

What’s the best way to learn?


Have you checked the screencasts ? -

You will find a number of screen casts here. IIRC they were added before the time Yii 1.1 was released so I don’t think the Zii widgets, data providers or the Gii web based code generation are covered.

The most important step would be to read The Definitive Guide to Yii. Then follow the instructions for creating a web app using Gii. Examine the generated code and begin customize it to your needs. The API documentation will be a very useful reference when working with the generated classes (and others).

There’s a lot more e.g the wiki pages (previously a.k.a Yii Cookbook), the community supplied extensions, Yii Playground, Yii Answers, … you’ll find out.


cakephp has "cake tv" , maybe some one will make the same… like you did yii answers…

actually cake have some nice ideas to copy… :rolleyes:

cake tv

cake answers - this one like

But they not built it on wordpress ???

this project should be part of yii…

and built on yii…

You can be sure people have a lot of answers!


I haven’t. I didn’t know for this one… :) Thanks!


Thanks for your comment. Very useful. Probably the best way is to look someone’s code. What’s a difference between using active record and query builder (

Also I do not know how to create show an another table row’s value. If I join two tables:

  • users (IDuser,username)

  • documents (IDdocument,document_path,IDuser)

I don’t know ho to show in grid username if I want to show all documents… That’s a bit confusing. Also, I would like to know how to use stored procedures in Yii? Thanks.


This would be nice… :)