Yii and Vice featured on the latest Google App Engine blog post!

Great work!

Great to see that Yii is being used by one of the most popular website in the US, if not the world.

Great job, guys. Nice looking site and looks like it can handle quite a bit of traffic.

Nice to see Vice running on Yii.

I understand you cannot say much about the visitor numbers, but what can you tell about performance. Can you tell something about Page Load Time? For example the normal blog pages? I’m always interested in performance of a large website.

Very nice!

Ummm…are you guys for hire? (Seriously)


I was a little bit surprised that VICE is not responsive. I’m sure there must be a good reason.

What is it?

nice work!i like it!

I’m glad that Vice is now available in Serbian. Keep up the good work!

Nice one!


good job

Nice work …

Is the recommended widget custom made? would share the code ?


Is still developed with Yii?

No idea. They haven’t used built-in scripts much so it’s hard to tell. Design is still the same though…