Very Strange Chrome Browser Behavior/bug?

Spending hours to find a bug in my code, in the core (CHtml) … nothing.

Found a very strange behavior/bug in the latest Chrome browser (Version 24.0.1312.52 m).

I’m rendering a simple checkboxlist with 3 items (bootstrap YiiBooster).


 $roles = array('editor'=>'Editor', 'sitemaster'=>'Sitemaster','admin'=>'Admin') 


The generated php-output should be ok / no bug found.

1. On my developer workstation (Windows)

  • Chrome renders ok (checkbox values: editor,sitemaster,admin) - Screenshot1: chrome_no_error.png

2. Published the code to a external webserver (Ubuntu 10)

  • Chrome renders wrong (checkbox values: editor,editor,editor) - Screenshot2: chrome_error.png

  • Firefox renders ok - Screenshot3: chrome_error_firefox.png

Never have detected strange behavior like this before … any idea?