very specific friendly urls

Our marketing dept. wants specific friendly urls as below<variable brand>/<variable brand>/<variable Model>/<variable brand>/<variable Model>/<variable type><variable brand>/<variable Model>/<variable type>/<variable specific variant>

The problem I have is I don’t know if Yii can do this, as the friendly urls have been fixed by marketing / SEO, and cannot change or have any extra parameters or changes added, /widgets/ will not change, < Brand >, could be Ford, Chevrolet, Cisco, Apple etc, with the models, variants etc, and each level may have a completely different view.

My question is it possible to do this or does it need the action / controller information to be in the URL. If you can point to some examples of it, that would be great, since we’re hoping to start out using Yii, but are beginners in that.


hi there, and welcome to the forums

Yii has a very sophisticated urlManager which allows you to create pretty urls, you can pretty much create any structure you like please read the guides.