Very slow on local LAMPP


maybe someone here has a solution for my problem:

I have created a application with Yii and it works very good, the only thing i dont understand is that on my local LAMPP the application is soooo slow ( from 2 sec to 11 sec only for the php). On our live server it runs like a guinea pig on speed.


On live: 210 ms

On local: 6 s (yeah really seconds)

I know that the log takes some time but on live and (for the comparsion) on local the CWebLogRoute was turned off.

The only thing i can think of is that the mysql server is running on the live server so there is like no lag.

I hope someone has a solution. The most things i have to do for the finish are small GUI edits etc and waiting more than 6 sec is really annoying.

Best regards Lars

P.s. I hope my english isn’t that bad :)

Does that mean, you connect to a remote MySQL server from your home machine? Then it’s no wonder that it takes ages. You should probably consider using a test DB on your local machine instead.