Very simple Yii site needs to integrate credit card and Paypal payment

This site is used to

  1. Display a few pages of static information (Design already coded to HTML).

  2. User can register and login (95% done)

  3. When registering, user needs to select some service items to buy ( HTML scaffold is done, http://localhost/bb/...r=user/register)

  4. User will be billed monthly for the service items they selected during registration process. (0%)

  5. After registration, user can login to see their payment history and view&edit basic info and order.

    Order change will be reflected next month. (5%)

  6. Admin user can view all users’ payment status & history. (very simple, just retrieve data and dump on the screen is ok)

You need to have done payment gateway integration before, so that you can be familiar with those Paypal APIs and APIs.

Other Skills required: JQuery, CSS, Yii, MySQL, etc

Expected time 1 week development. 2nd week is for 3 rounds of Q&A. I will provide the server, and use Paypal to send you the payment.

I am looking to start right away. You can reply or add my skype: nicolas.s.xu

Thank you very much!